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*******NOTE TO IMAGING: This is a very dark and moody image. The shadows are very important. Please try to keep the image as close to the original as possible.  Over-lightening will totally change what I was after here.  Thank you--Brian*******          Sitting by himself off in a dark corner of the locker room, Caleb Russell isn't quite oblivious to the laughter, noise and horseplay of the fellow Southeast High School varsity football teammates that surround him.  Friends are greeted with an abbreviated nod that both young men understand and without skipping a beat he's back in the music, his head nodding almost imperceptibly, and perhaps unconsciously, to the beat streaming from his headphones. .."When you prepare for a game like this you've got to get yourself krunk; you've got to have your mind into it all the way," said Russell, a 15 year old Junior defensive end. "I've just got to keep my mind right."..Tonight his music of choice is a rapper named Lil' Wayne and the track he keeps repeating... a song called Fireman. With a rapid and heavy beat that helps him get motivated and lyrics that his pastor, who will be joining his mother and father in the stands later, probably wouldn't be overly thrilled about. ..He's been preparing for this night, the biggest of his football career, since his mother enrolled him in Pop Warner football at the age of 7 when he first slipped on a Manatee Bulldogs jersey and fell in love with the game.  Soon he'll emerge from the darkness of the locker room, a little more 'krunk' than when he went in, and trot out into the light and sounds of Friday night football in Manatee County. What he has no way of knowing is that his team will eventually loose the game they came to play that night but he'll go home a veteran of a playoff game and he'll be back next season, a little wiser, and with different music. ..--Brian Blanco....